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REC: Femmefest, Week 1

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Mar. 31st, 2009 | 07:42 pm

There have been a lot of amazing stories at femmefest  so far, so if you haven't been keeping up, here are some that I would rec so far:

Watchers of the Skies Lily/Narcissa (R)- This is a gorgeous piece about a forbidden romance.  It's really touching and just- lovely.

Disorientation Katie/Angelina (R)- I'll warn here that there is some blatant cheating, but this is a very sexy piece with some characters I don't really think much about (but now definitely am).

Minerva/Amelia (PG-PG-13)- This is somewhat heart-wrenching but very touching.  The ending took me aback, but I haven't been able to get the story out of my head (in a good way).  It's a lovely piece.

I suggest you check them all out though- so far they have all been fantastic!  Also, I am really excited that hd_worldcup  begins posting tomorrow!!  I am sure I will have some recs from that too that you can look forward to.


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